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The abstract must follow the structure presented below.
The maximum number of characters is 400.
General Information

A given abstract can be submitted only once. One participant may submit (and therefore present) ONLY 1 abstract. Any other doctors, researchers, university or medical staff that had any contribution to the abstract can be enlisted as coauthors. There is no limit for the number of coauthors. Coauthors who wish to attend our conference will be able to do so only as Participants.
Categories & Types of Abstract
Depending on the type of your research, your abstract must respect the following structure:

        1. Introduction
        2. Methods and Materials
        3. Results
        4. Conclusions
applicable only to the POSTER SESSION.
Original Study Abstract - in the introduction you should explain the reason for performing this study. The materials and methods section should briefly describe the population included in the study (human or animal test subjects), the performed actions, the data analysis. In the results section, you should include the outcome of the data analysis. The conclusions should emphasize the importance of this original study.

  1. Lectures Abstract
  • Abstracts must not exceed 400 words.
  • The structure must consists of
    • Title
    • Authors and CoAuthors
    • Main Body (as presented above)
    • Keywords

Presentation Specifications

The presentations for Stress Congress should be made using one of the following computer programs: Microsoft Power Point (.ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx) or Prezi. If you have movies in your presentation please make sure to copy the entire folder with the movies in it.

The font size should be as follows: at least 28pt for titles and at least 22pt for the rest of the slide content. It is advisable to use the same font face and size on all slides. In addition, there should be a contrast between the colour of the text and that of the slide background.

As far as the slide content is concerned, it is recommended to use keywords rather than whole sentences. You should bear in mind that the slides are intended to support your speech, not to replace it! Arrows and other symbols, graphs, pictures and videos can visually augment your explanations and make the presentation more appealing. Therefore, it is important that they are of high quality.