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Poster - Original Study/Meta-Analisys

General Information

A given abstract can be submitted only once. One participant may submit (and therefore present) ONLY 1 abstract. Any other doctors, researchers, university or medical staff that had any contribution to the abstract can be enlisted as coauthors. There is no limit for the number of coauthors. Coauthors who wish to attend our conference will be able to do so only as Participants.

Categories & Types of Abstract

Depending on the type of your research, your abstract must respect the following structure:



  1. Introduction

        1. Introduction

  1. Case Presentation

        2. Methods and Materials

  1. Conclusion

        3. Results


        4. Conclusions

*applicable only to the POSTER SESSION.

Case Report Abstract - in the introduction you should briefly present the disease and its importance for the population. The case description should provide information regarding the chief complaint, physical examination, para-clinical investigations, differential and final diagnosis. The discussions should emphasize the importance and hallmarks of this clinical case.

Original Study Abstract - in the introduction you should explain the reason for performing this study. The materials and methods section should briefly describe the population included in the study (human or animal test subjects), the performed actions, the data analysis. In the results section, you should include the outcome of the data analysis. The conclusions should emphasize the importance of this original study.


Poster Abstract

  • Abstracts must not exceed 300 words.
  • The structure must consists of
    • Title
    • Authors and CoAuthors
    • Main Body (as presented above)
    • Keywords


Poster Presentation

The E-Poster size at Stress Congress should be either A0 portrait, or A1 landscape. You are allowed to use any computer program to design your poster, as long as you work meets the requirements below. Please bear in mind that you are required send the E-Poster prior to the congress.

The title must be the same as the one in the submitted abstract. It is advisable that you emphasize the title using some capital letters (but not all), bold, italic or underlined writing.

The name of the authors should be written in the same order as in the submitted abstract. Please include the affiliations for each and every author.

The headers should respect the structure of the submitted abstract (i.e. introduction, case presentation, and discussions for the case report and so on; please refer to the section “Abstract Submission”) .

It is important that the pictures and graphs are of high quality and we recommend you to use black as the color of the text. The font size should be as follows: 85pt for the title, 36–44pt for the headers, and 24–34pt for the body text. These dimensions are not mandatory.


The abstract must follow the structure presented at the beginning.
The maximum number of characters is 300.