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2018 Edition

Let's start with "Why". We like to challenge the status quo, think outside the box and we surround ourselves with people that do it too. And this is how the idea behind Stress Congress appeared, from the need to look at stress, as a medical entity, from a different perspective.

We innovate, inspire and integrate stress as part of our multidisciplinary approach, from the medical point of view, that also focusses on Brain, Central Nervous system and others. In addition, our speakers argued and debated stress as having a correlation with appearance of diseases and early interventions.

Two special sections ended the event - Press and Art. Some of the most prestigious journalists joined our cause and offered us more indepth look on stress as part of their profession, from its benefits to the dangerous side effects. Medicine and Art were presented as being in symbiosis, as knowledge and creativity, tools and inspiration.

More than 300 participants shared our vision and actively took part in the process of mutually defining as well as objectifying the aspects of stress in our day to day life. They learned how to personalize solutions and how to apply stress - our practical Course "Objectifying stress" provide them with the tools to do so.  

Stress Congress in bullets:

  • 3 stress-free days
  • More than 300 participants
  • National and International Speakers from different specialties and areas of expertise
  • The 1st practical Course on Objectifying Stress in Romania
  • The 1st event on The Medical Approach of Stress
  • A multidisciplinary approach
  • Sponsors from the most important areas of Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry